Best Waylaid Plans


This weekend The Delusional Grandeur Tour is scheduled to hit Cape Cod, but apparently so is a Nor’Easter because God forbid I get away this winter. As such, a contingency plan has been put into effect, with provisions being laid up in Boston in case I can’t make it out of that fair city. (I will get there on or before Friday, depending on the weather trajectory – the trick will be getting to the Cape in the event of a major snowstorm.) I’ve weathered many snowy times in Boston, and the condo is always a cozy place to do so, and if I can’t make it to the Cape we will simply re-schedule.

My fingers remain crossed, however, despite Mercury continuing its debilitating retrograde motion (hanging on until the 25th!) At the time of this writing, it’s too soon to tell which way the tide will turn. Hang on, little tomatoes, hang tight to the vine – at least until the scent of spring is in the air again.

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