The Snow in Boston

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It started as I was walking down Newbury Street. At first I wasn’t sure if that’s what I was really seeing. For the first hour or so, it was just quick white streaks appearing and disappearing out of the corner of my eye. When the snow first started, it evaporated before it hit the ground, and this went on for quite some time. I’d duck into a store, and come back out expecting to find the world painted with white, but it didn’t start sticking until dinner-time. Once it began, however, it did not let up until morning, though there were breaks of rain and sleet, and we would not get the hyped-up foot of snow that Andy had warned me about.

A snowstorm is best ridden out with a stock of provisions (food stuffs, cocktails, and an ample selection of entertainment options – in this case a book and a DVD of ‘The Man Who Came to Dinner’ with Bette Davis.) It’s also nice when you can ride it out at a condo where someone else is responsible for shoveling you out the next morning (thank you condo fees), even if it packs a lighter whallop than originally reported. On this night, I grabbed a bit of dinner, finished up some shopping, and came back with the ingredients for an easy pasta dish and some bread for toast the next morning. I’d already found a tea kettle and some lavender/oat flower tea. I was ready.

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