Of Tom Ford’s Rose & Oud

The literature for Tom Ford’s Private Blend ‘Oud Fleur’ was typically over the top and deliciously dramatic:

Noble. Luxurious. Distinct. Oud Fleur eau de parfum by Tom Ford unfolds like a brocaded silk damask of two deeply iconic Arabian ingredients: Rose and Oud Wood. The gloriously rich and aged complexity that makes oud the most prized and noble wood in perfumery, is contrasted with a symphony of rose effects orchestrated to capture every dimension of the flower.

Of course, I had to have it (even if I didn’t expect to have it quite so soon, and in such happy fashion). This is a scent that seduces. When it was first released, I was on a bit of an oud overload, so ‘Fleur’ and its sister ‘Tobacco Oud’ were put on the back burner of my mind. Since that time I’ve tried it on a few occasions and smelled it on a few people, and it’s become one of my favorite Private Blends.

The overpowering and underlying scent lines are very much constructed of oud, but intertwined indelibly, and brilliantly, is a thread of resonant rose notes that rings gloriously of rich, smoky floral spice. Some of Ford’s florals I find problematic, but this one works on every plane, and positions itself smack-dab on the crux between masculine and feminine. (I know that crux. I love that crux.)

It is the perfect fragrance for greeting the spring after a gray winter. It holds onto a wisp of smoky winter air, then takes flight on the wings of a rose-laden breeze. It’s got some strong staying-power as well, justifying its Private Blend price point both in beauty and duration.

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