Pause for This Recap

This lovely month of May continues as the gardens are just beginning to return to form after a winter more brutal than I realized. Thanks to the excessive snow, rabbits were able to reach the stems of shrubs that normally would have gone unnoticed, resulting in the loss of a prized variegated Wolf’s eye dogwood specimen, and the desiccation of a climbing rose (whose roots were the only thing that remained intact). Additionally, there was unprecedented damage to a wisteria standard and a coral-barked maple tree. But while all that is of interest to me, you probably just want to get right to the shirtless guys whose nipples and ass cheeks you may have missed over the last week. Well, let’s do it.

Apparently Shane Mumford is a hot beefy ball player from Down Under, not a member of Mumford & Sons.

I think I’ve got one more tour in me. Sound the alarms.

The rather lovely Luis Santaella bulging through his underwear.

With all the (supposedly) racy images I post on FaceBook and Instagram and Twitter, how does it happen that this is the one that gets reported? I’ve been far more naked than that before.

Everyone loves a gay porn star, so Chris Harder was a popular selection as Hunk of the Day.

Sometimes Tom Ford fails, but more often than not he succeeds (see below).

Soft and sweet, but no word on sticky.

Please not go bang-crash in the middle of the night.

Pop these cherries.

One of my favorite memories ever involves sequins, Winnie-the-Pooh and a blonde lady from Florida.

Jesse Jackman and Dirk Caber formed a rare Double Hunk of the Day.

Finding love in an unlikely box of chocolates.

Leave it to Cosmo to get television actor Nick Wechsler naked but for a towel.

Case in point of a Tom Ford stellar success.

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