Assorted Shirtlessness for Sat.

Attention has shifted to the gardens, which means this blog is going on autopilot for certain busy days. (I filled twelve large lawn bags  yesterday, dug the base out for a mini grill patio, and cleaned about a third of the yard – as of this writing my body is barely able to make these keystrokes.) No rest for the wicked, or for the strokers, so here you go: a Saturday collection of shirtless male celebrities.

For the feature photo, I give you none other than Jake Bass, because it’s always been about the bass (no treble). He’s bringing booty back in a bodacious and bad-ass way. Not unlike the guy seen below: Donnie Rust – the Naked Busker.

Double the dose of handsomeness, this pair of photos belongs to Chris Mears. Swim swim sugar.

Now for another threesome: Brandon Rubendall, Brock O’Hurn, and Nick Jonas.

Finally, another twofer, with this double punch of Harry Judd.

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