The Madonna 2012 Tour

Here we go again: the quest for Madonna tour tickets is about to commence. She just announced her tour date itinerary, and it looks pretty impressive.

Historically (at least, for the last three tours she did) I would purchase tickets for both Boston and New York. The reason for this goes back to 2001, when I got tickets for the first Madonna show I ever saw, The Drowned World Tour. Back then she was returning from an 8-year hiatus from touring, and tickets were insanely difficult to get. I believe I set up a special AOL account to give me special advance access, and I managed to get two tickets for her show in Boston. (I should probably look into whether that AOL account’s been cancelled…)

I asked Suzie to go with me, and in the days leading up to the show, my anticipation and excitement were barely contained. Then, the tour date just before her Boston concert was cancelled for illness. Would she recover in two days for the show I was supposed to see? I couldn’t imagine any other way – I literally did not think I would be able to handle that. Suzie and Andy were preparing for a suicide watch in the event that I didn’t get to see her, and I tried to envision how I’d get over it, but I just couldn’t.

Fortunately, she rallied and put on my favorite show of all time. (You never forget your first.) Since that scary moment, I’d been getting two sets of tickets for her shows – one in Boston and one in New York, in the event that she didn’t go on one night. It was a little bit of insurance that I wouldn’t miss out.

This time around I think I’m only going to aim for a single Boston date. Having seen her seven times, there’s less pressure to insure I won’t miss a show. I’m also a little (just a smidge) less fanatical in my devotion, so if she cancels, it won’t be the end of the world.

Besides, in New York she’s only playing Yankee Stadium – and everyone knows I don’t do stadiums.

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