Sweeter Than Candy, Prettier Than Flowers

Candy and flowers have never been my favorite gifts to receive. Yes, the thought is lovely, the chocolate is good, and the flowers are beautiful, but I’d rather have just about anything else, especially for Valentine’s Day. (Really, do I strike anyone as a flowers and chocolate kind of guy? I only wish I could be so easily appeased – life would be much more enjoyable, for everyone involved.)

The point of this is to make a plea for a bit of Lavender loving, in the form of one ‘Lavender Palm’ by Tom Ford – the latest addition to his Private Blend line – quite possibly the greatest fragrance collection ever assembled. I’ve just begun my hording of the scents, and one of the best parts of them is the way that they blend together.

It’s always risky to mix colognes, even (and sometimes especially) if they’re from the same fragrance house, but his are designed to work well together. In fact, the most surprisingly effective way I’ve experienced them is when a couple have inadvertently combined in a pile of sampled cards – and I sift through them trying to find the one that’s tickling my olfactory fancy, and it turns out that it’s not just one, it’s the collective combination of all of them intertwined.

There’s only one way to recreate that kind of magic, and that’s to have the sort of fragrance laboratory that subsists of an extensive assortment. (I’m not averse to his ‘Amber Absolute’ either – which is probably more readily available. See, I’m not impossible to please.) In addition, the deep brown apothecary-like bottles are not bad to look at, so it would add to the beauty of our bathroom. There’s no reason my wishes shouldn’t benefit the good of all.

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