Madonna, Top Hat & Ghosttown

If the sneak teasers are any indication of what the actual video will be like, I’m already completely entranced by Madonna’s new ‘Ghosttown’ single. While it was supposed to premiere yesterday on some trendy, or not-so-trendy, app, it appears to have been delayed to today. Any minute, it’s due to be unveiled, and I can’t wait. The look is the same one that Madonna sported on her recent Taylor-Swift-aided performance, and it’s perfection. Give me a corset and a top hat and I’m a happy guy.

‘Ghosttown’ is a highlight of her ‘Rebel Heart’ masterpiece, and looks like one of those sleeper anthems that resonates in a quieter, more profound, and more lasting way. Haunting and elegiac, yet imbued with grace and hope, it’s one of Madonna’s finest efforts, sidestepping trends with a timelessness, and somehow an entirely-of-the-moment urgency.

When it all falls, when it all falls down

I’ll be your fire when the lights go out

When there’s no one, no one else around

We’ll be two souls in a ghost town…

Leave it to Madonna to find a sliver of beauty in this post-apocalyptic world, some small ray of hope and gorgeousness that transcends this mad, mad world.

UPDATE: Here is the video, in full… and it’s a masterpiece.

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