A Peek at the Devil to Come

A dry, dusty road throws clouds into the air whenever a car or truck speeds by.

The barren stretch of scorched earth expands endlessly.

Is this where the world begins, or ends?

Worn wood creaks beneath each step, groaning for the insult to injury of such dire surroundings, such repetitive beatings.

If the devil lives, here would be a good place to find him.

In a few hours, the Madonna Timeline returns, and it’s going to be a devil of a good time. Some of Madonna’s best work comes when she confronts her own relationship with religion and spirituality. Witness the majestic heights of ‘Like A Prayer‘ and the plaintive beauty of ‘Messiah‘, or the delicate yearning of ‘Pray for Spanish Eyes‘ and the choral climax of ‘Nothing Fails.’ Even lesser pieces like ‘Holy Water‘ and ‘Act of Contrition‘ have their hidden merits. Madonna has a God complex, and it’s a gorgeous thing to behold. Coming up next…

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