All Hell to the Pope

Since when do Popes resign? Not since the 1200’s actually. But this current one has, citing old age and ill health, and if anyone buys that then they are beyond dumb. I just cringe as to what sort of atrocities he has covered up or committed that would lead to such a decision. I mean, if any entity can hide and protect its leader from all accountability, the Catholic church has proven to be it, so for the Pope to resign indicates that some serious shit went down.

I wouldn’t be so flippant or critical of a religious organization if its own head hadn’t said such vicious things about gay people, or worked to actively suppress us and the fight for marriage equality. Being that he’s done exactly that, I am not unhappy about his resignation, and I only hope the Catholic church – in which I was raised – takes this as an opportunity to enter the last century and make itself at least somewhat relevant should they wish to survive. The writing is on the wall, guys – evolve or get out of the way. As for the Pope, well, let’s hope for his sake that he’s as blameless as he pretends to be. Let me know if you see any of his former wardrobe on eBay.

And until a successor can be found, worthy enough to fill his red Prada shoes, enjoy Benedict enjoying these shirtless men. Only in the Catholic church, kids…

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