A Holiday Lull: The Off-Year

Not all Holiday Cards can feature me spreading my legs and giving quasi-birth to a baby meant to symbolize the sweet baby Jesus himself, so this year is a bit of a fluffy filler. Its non-controversial simplicity is designed rather unintentionally to get me back on all the fridges and holiday card collection displays that found last year’s card too much. (And all this time I thought people loved the big JC.)

Let’s have our annual linky look back at some of the Holiday Cards that have come before. (Can you believe I’ve been doing this shit since 1995? Thank God some of those years prior to the digital age have been lost…) Too bad not all of these are as easily vanquished.

As for this year’s card (which was be posted tomorrow morning), I went back to basics and opened my fly.




Holiday Card 2004
Holiday Card 2005
Holiday Card 2006
Holiday Card 2007

Holiday Card 2008
Holiday Card 2009

Holiday Card 2010

Holiday Card 2011

Holiday Card 2012
Holiday Card 2013
Holiday Card 2014
Holiday Card 2015
Holiday Card 2016

And coming tomorrow the Holiday Card 2017…

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