You Smell Differently At Night


Some fragrances, like their wearers, are too moody for the daylight hours. They require a cloak of darkness to mask their sexy sillage, relying on the blackest of night to tone down their dramatic power. Such is the case with Tom Ford’s ‘Black Orchid.’ This is a dark and deep fragrance that, while originally created as a perfume geared mostly to women, has over the years become more popular with men for its musky heaviness.

Unlike the fragrances of his Private Blend line, ‘Black Orchid’ is available at most larger department stores, as well as Sephora, which makes it much more convenient for the masses. It retains Ford’s trademark edginess, however, and as such its potency may prove too much for casual cologne-wearers. This is strong stuff, not for the weak of constitution or the shy of heart. ‘Black Orchid’ blooms intensely, has a substantial longevity, and is as over-the-top as everything that Tom Ford touches. Of course, I can’t help but love it.

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