You Can Dance… For Inspiration

In the midst of a lull…

On the hunt for inspiration…

Amid the chaotic ramblings of a transient heart…

This Sunday morning offers the dawn of a new promise, like every morning does, but the fact that it’s Sunday instills it with more meaning.

Tom Ford can simply open up his closet, slip into a dressing gown like the one seen here, and find all the beauty he needs to keep going. For the rest of us mere mortals, a little more is required. For those days when Mr. Ford is feeling uninspired, he claims to don a tuxedo, deck himself out to the nines, and suddenly everything feels a bit better. I get that. It’s partly why I put such effort into my wardrobe. It’s rarely done to impress others; it’s done to empower me. I need all the help I can get.

In the first few days of spring, before it really feels like spring, there is this limbo of dirty slush and gray skies. Everything feels so bleak. A state of purgatory before it gets really good or really bad. Either way, the heat will soon be on.

In the meantime, my eye is on Boston, where I’ll return for the first time in what feels like forever. No matter the state of snow, I shall be there next weekend, catching up with Kira and the city I so adore. It’s time. Spring weather or winter remains, it’s happening.

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