Whither the Delusions?

Lest anyone wonder about the fate and current status of The Delusional Grandeur Tour, it is going half-steam ahead, as work, weather, sickness and financial issues have slowed things a bit but not derailed anything entirely. I’m spreading this one out further to allow for more traveling and visits, and since I’m still exhausted from making the tour book, it’s a necessary breath-catcher. We are in the midst of the ‘Red Riding Wood‘ interlude, which forms the mid-section of the book, so a bit of a break is a good thing at this point.

To remind those who know nothing of my “touring” delusions, the feature photo here comes from my very first tour, on an Ithaca stop wherein I stopped by Cornell to see my friend Suzie and all the gang from College Ave. Clearly costumes were the main highlight back then, and the tour book was only a few stapled ditto pages of grainy gray images cobbed into an approximation of a tour program. Yet somehow it all felt more real then.

Now, it’s more of an act, an excuse to hop on a plane and travel somewhere else, or see a friend I haven’t seen in a while. For this next section of the tour, I’ll aim to recapture the rawness and excitement of those early days. Upcoming stops include Cape Cod, MA and Washington, DC. It’s a fool’s quest, perhaps, but it will be a fun one. I’ve always chosen being a fool having fun over pretending to be a genius miserable with self-aware reality. Let the delusional grandeur continue.

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