This Price Chopper Starbucks Still Sucks

First off, an apology to both Starbucks and Price Chopper: I’m sorry I tried you again. I’ve had so many problems with the Starbucks store at Price Chopper Store #188 on Albany Shaker Road that it’s really my fault for coming back one more time in the hope that this enterprise might resemble a real Starbucks not leased out to Price Chopper. That’s my mistake. 

Next, however, the latest issue. A few days ago I tried ordering a decaf frappucino only to be told that they couldn’t make one. With that in mind, I thought it best to keep things simple. A simple decaf. Whether it be a pour over or previously-brewed one, I didn’t care, I just assumed they couldn’t mess up a decaf coffee. Grande. Not too much, not too little. 

Kiara took my order (she who was unable to make the decaf frap a few short days ago) and then took my Starbucks card. She said it would be $4.27. Umm, for a Grande decaf coffee? This is just coffee – not even an Americano. Are you sure, Kiara? I asked if that was the real price for a decaf coffee. She insisted it was. 

Good Lord, I thought, prices have gone up immensely in a crazy short amount of time. I asked for the receipt to be sure. There it was: $4.27 for a Grande decaf coffee. Since I’d already questioned her once, I thought maybe I was wrong. As her purple-haired co-hort made my drink, I looked it up on my phone and saw that no, $4.27 was about twice what a grande decaf coffee should be. At this point, another girl, who had actually been talking with Kiara and blocking the order area when I arrived, began laughing with her and I was so annoyed I said that I really didn’t think that was the correct price but I would take it up with management later. 

She looked back at the register, finally registering my annoyance. She must have realized her mistake, and her mistake in insisting that it was the correct price, because she told me to come back the next day and tell them that Kiara said I could have a free drink to make up the difference. A sweet gesture, to be sure, but I’m so over this place it’s unlikely that I’ll take her up on it



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