A Sterling Starbucks Experience, At Last

It struck me as I finally received some impeccable service at Starbucks that whenever I post about customer service experiences here in this blog, they’re usually complaints. That’s not fair, nor is it an accurate representation of the average service one gets. (Even if what gets reported here did actually happen.) However, in the name of the positivity of the Spice Girls, here is a post of a celebratory nature, one that extols the virtues of a particular Starbucks employee who always makes my day a little brighter.

I’ve gone to the Starbucks on the end of Wolf Road (airport side) a number of times. It’s the closest one to my home (aside from the atrocious pseudo-Starbucks run by the more-atrocious Price Chopper). Yes, there’s a crazy woman who works there and who once asked what size I wanted after I ordered a grande decaf (umm, grande?), but she’s otherwise benign. I keep coming back at the risk of encountering her for the possibility of getting served by her co-worker, a seriously kick-ass barista named Laura.

Laura always perks me up with her effervescent spirit, and she treats each customer as if they’re the most important person in her world. On days when I’m weary of humanity, when I’m less than thrilled with my life – and we all have those days – I am buoyed by her infectious energy and indefatigable spirit. That kind of care isn’t easily faked, and the enthusiasm and passion required to put it over is real and genuine, and always appreciated by this customer. She calls everyone “darling” and it’s not cloying or fake, and she has a knack for patience and friendliness that deserves mention and admiration. I’ll cc the powers-that-be at Starbucks on this one, because sometimes the good things are just as important as the bad. In fact, they’re more important. Thank you, Laura, for reminding me of how decent customer service, and simple human kindness, can make all the difference.

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