Starbucks… [Sigh]

When the barista at Starbucks gets to the point where she says, “You’re going to shoot me,” it’s a clear indication that something has gone tragically wrong with an order. Having just expounded upon last week’s incident at the Starbucks located in the nearby Price Chopper, I decided to give them another chance a week later. I guess it was too soon.

Deciding that perhaps I had been too harsh in my hasty first-world-problems as outlined in earlier posts, I decided to give the company a more devoted try, putting another $25 on my Starbucks card just last night. I got in touch with a friend at work and asked if she wanted anything, so I went into the store and ordered her drink (an iced Venti pumpkin latte) and a decaf Salted Caramel frappuccino for myself (in the hopes that the salt and caramel had arrived).

The issue this time wasn’t the ingredients, but the decaf. Apparently Starbucks doesn’t have decaf frappuccinos. Which was strange, considering all the ones I’ve ordered in the last three years. I don’t care one way or another, I’d order a simple decaf coffee, but someone in Starbucks is wrong somewhere here, and they really need to straighten that out. I then asked for an iced decaf, which they said they couldn’t do. Exasperated, but still trying to be kind, I asked what sort of decaf drink they might be able to make. A hot decaf drip was it. So I said that would work.

As they finished making the drinks, the server recited the opening lines of this post: “You’re going to shoot me.” I had just produced my newly reloaded Starbucks card and she eyed it wearily. “The register isn’t accepting Starbucks cards.”

Of course it isn’t! Why would the registers be working when the store has been open for well over a week? That would be like having iced decaf on hand at a Starbucks! I told them I didn’t have any cash, but there’s money on the card, basically waiting for them to make some sort of offer. I told them my boss would be very upset if I didn’t bring in her drink. The manager then came over and said since they had already made them I could have them for free, provided that I agree “in good faith” to come back again. (Her words.)

“Yes. Absolutely,” I said.

(As soon as they have decaf coffee and accept Starbucks cards.)

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