The Terrible Teens

Earlier this month, and completely forgotten by me, we celebrated (or rather didn’t celebrate) the unheralded 14th anniversary of this website. premiered in January of 2003, which makes it one of the oldest personal blogs out there. If we compute the age of blogs in the same manner in which we compute the human age of dogs, this little space would be a whopping 98 years old, which, given my stiff neck, feels about right. I take a small bit of pride in the fact that I’ve been doing this for far longer than most other bloggers, but it’s just a bit. The truth is that this is a labor of love, an outlet of creative expression that takes the place of a diary, a project, and an artistic gambit all at once. I’d be doing this with or without an audience, but from the responses I get, I’m very thankful we’re on this road together.

It’s so much friendlier with two.”

There’s not much fanfare traditionally made over 14 years, and I’m fine with that. Perhaps next year we’ll do something bigger. For now, it will be enough to get through this morning post without boring myself to tears. If I think back to my own fourteen-year-old moment, we’re in for a wild and wonderful ride.

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