The Recap That Snuck Up On Me

Having spent a spur-of-the-moment weekend in New York (more on that later), I am in no way ready for monday to come this soon. Powerless over such matters, however, we must press onward, but before delving into everything this soon in the day, let’s take the usual quick look back at the week before.

It continued in the stressful vein that’s marked this political season, as a dangerous, con artist named Donald Trump fell down in the first debate, and then went on to have a disastrous week as a year of his tax returns turned up and revealed he lost over $900 million in a single year (great business skill, just what we need as a leader).

Tom Brady went nude to save the day.

Tom Ford went leather.

Boston went soft and beautiful.

Pop-up maki at the MO.

Build me up Buttery.

A naked Pietro Boselli.

My complete (as of today) Tom Ford Private Blend collection.

Justin Timberlake gets great direction.

When calm gathers.

A peek at the tail-end.

Harvest fruit.

Hunks of the Day included Wesley Woods, Glen Powell, Kyle Krueger & Ben Baur.

And a naked Nick Jonas sex scene.

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