Harvest Fruit

The title and presentation are both slightly misleading, as the bulk of cherries from this shoot were procured in the summer, and the citrus platter shot was from the dead of winter. Together, though, they provide a colorful reminder of culinary sweetness, so that’s why I posted them today. At some point we will live in a world where part of our recreational viewing will include scent (and for the sake of Tom Ford and my love of his Private Blends, I hope that’s sooner rather than later). Think about how would cool it would be if in addition to seeing these delectable images, you could smell the tart refreshing spray of a lime or grapefruit being sliced open, or tickle your nose with the latest cologne from Hermès. Obviously there are logistical concerns that get in the way, but if you don’t dream it first, it will never happen.

As for this fruity scene, despite its seasonal anachronisms, I find something soothing about it. A bowl of cherries, like some gently-painted still-life, stands in a dignified jumble. Containers of grapefruit, a plate of grapes, and a long silver platter lined with limes give stately assembly. Ordered yet haphazard. Perhaps it was by design, perhaps by happy accident.

Nature usually puts her best foot forward. Her beauty is not hidden, for the most part. Brightly colored feathers or warmly saturated fruits are designed to be noticed, for purposes of mating and propagation. If no one fucks the peacock, those gorgeous feathers will fly away. If no one disperses the fruit seed, the last of the trees will be the last of the trees.

The harvest is but part of the circle. It never began, and it will never end, with us.

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