The Words of Ms. Hamilton

A friend was perusing some of my books the other evening, and she happened upon ‘The Short History of a Prince” by Jane Hamilton. Perhaps better-known for her book ‘A Map of the World’ I have always found more of an affinity to ‘The Short History of a Prince.’ You’ll have to read it for yourself to understand why – or just read a few of my favorite quotes from it:

His was an ordinary tragedy, he knew. he had been happy as a child and had not realized it. But happiness was spent so quickly, he thought, and identifying it, feeling it, trying to hang on to it, made him nervous. maybe it was better to be ignorant of bliss, unselfconscious, and later have the sense to recognize its traces. ~ Jane Hamilton 

You have to live wildly, every now and then, so you can sleep at night, and have interesting material for your dreams. Don’t you? I figure it’s for the dream life that we have to really live. ~ Jane Hamilton

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