Post Super Bowl Recap

Let’s be honest, I had nothing to do with the Super Bowl, no matter how many jockstrap photos I might take. (Search the Archives if you want to see, I’m too tired to link them up for you. Just search “jockstrap” in the helpful “Search feature at the bottom of this page.) At the time of this writing, I’m actually watching the game, and by that I mean waiting for Lady Gaga to perform. (UPDATE: But wow what a game – after checking out early in the 3rd quarter (inning?) I returned to watch a nail-biter of an ending. Congrats to the Pats – enjoy the featured pic of Julian Edelman.) On with the recap…

The week began with an ending, as January wound to a welcome close.

Before the month ended, however, we celebrated the 14th anniversary of this very website.

It was a rather weak week, because I was dealing with numerous maladies. But we did the best we could do.

As we stumble along

Ice ice baby

An annoying arrival.

A soup for a winter day.

Stiff is the new hard.

A winter poem.

The bloody awakening.

A 25th anniversary.

Dreaming of Broadway.

The brilliance of Betty Buckley.

The Super Bowl brought out the jockstrap in certain guys.

Hunks of the Day included Bob Harper, Andy Mientus, Brian Justin Crum, Garrett Swann, Danny Cipriani, Sakis Rouvas and Michael Xavier.

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