Parting Glances at Provincetown

Like all great times, my birthday weekend finale in Provincetown had to come to a close. It’s been too long since I’ve been to this town at the very tip of the Cape, and after rekindling all the magic it offers I don’t think I’ll be staying away for so long in the future.
The light here is like none I’ve found anywhere else. For that alone, it is worth the visit. We also missed out on the beach, taking our sip of the sea and the sun from the whale watch.
While the whales were my favorite part, the seafood on hand was a very close second, with the cocktails taking a not-so-distant third.
The sweet Autumn clematis was coming into full bloom – the surest sign of the close of summer. There are a few weeks left, but we’ve taken the final turn.
The gate is being shut on another season, and though it’s sad to see it go, I do feel it’s almost time.
Fall arrives with its own set of enchantments, and I can’t wait to come under its spell.
Yet for now, summer is open a bit longer…
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