The Ladder of Improvement

Our ongoing quest for perfection continues as we tweak and twerq this website into something more marvelous than it’s ever been. Webmaster Skip has been working on getting things beautified, and I’m slaving away arduously at putting up past posts (no mean feat given that all photos need to be re-found and re-sized for the new format) as well as writing new ones. Now I know how President Obama feels running the country and a re-election campaign simultaneously. [Daintily wipes brow.]

How do you like what you see so far? I’m slowly getting the hang of things, and with my Skype Cherry popped by Skip a few days ago, we have an easy quick way of communication to speed things along when they get stuck. (Do not ask me to Skype though, I don’t have time to get a proper wardrobe together, much less a fitting backdrop, and don’t even talk to me about lighting.)

There’s a bit of a push, solely from my end, to have this website done in the next few weeks, as this Fall I am clearing time and space to focus on my next project, slated for ALL of 2013. That sort of thing takes some serious preparation. Are you ready?

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