A Salacious & Sleazy Weekend, For Your Viewing Pleasure

While I’m busy re-populating parts of the past (have you checked out the archives lately? Scroll down, there’s a nifty Widget at the bottom of the page, along with a new ’Search’ feature), this weekend’s posts will be a simple collection of shirtless and/or naked male celebrities for your viewing pleasure. I’ll even get my ass out for the lone soul clamoring to see it (I’m a giver that way).
You may have noticed that construction on the site continues, but thanks to Webmaster Skip, the ship is slowly being righted, and she already looks shiny and new. For now, we’re offering a glimpse of ‘The Projects’ – they will show up in their entirety further down the road – and focusing on getting ‘The Photos’ and ‘The Writing’ up. I’ve whittled down the extravagant numbers of both to a more streamlined collection of work. There’s no sense in making you wade through filler and dribble, and even less wisdom in making me read through some piece of crap I wrote as a delusionally-self-righteous twenty-two year old.


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