Hunk of the Day: Michael Hamm

On the eve before All Hallow’s Eve, the Hunk of the Day honor goes fittingly to shape-shifter and cosplayer extraordinaire Michael Hamm. Every now and then I think that if I’d had some sort of cosplay outlet as a kid, I wouldn’t be such a fucked-up adult – then I realize that we did have cosplay back then: it was called ‘Underoos.’ Thankfully, it’s here now as well, and if you’ve ever been to Comic-Con or one of the cosplay conventions, it’s a surreal, magical experience. Just the sort of escapism and fantasy we like to celebrate on this blog.

Mr. Hamm has an extensive arsenal of cosplay looks, and the body to back them all up. More importantly, he’s got a sense of humor, shot through with a wicked wit, and an endearingly self-deprecating attitude that makes him practically perfect. (Additional credit must also be given to Shaun Simpson, the photographer who so often manages to capture Mr. Hamm at his finest, including most of the photos seen here.)

Before I was a cosplayer, I was a fan artist. I would draw my favorite characters and sell the pieces at art auctions. But once I discovered cosplay, it was like, ‘I don’t have to draw my favorite characters, I can become my favorite characters. ~ Yaya Han

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