Hum-Drum Mid-April Recap

Having spent the weekend on tour, this blog has been on auto-pilot of late, and this little recap is part of that pre-programmed majesty. ‘Tis the season of change, and the air is filled with renaissance and destruction all at once. A perambulation about the gardens will reveal what the winter may have taken away, and what it has spared. I’m ambivalent about the whole thing – the mildest winters can be the most horrid without an adequate cover of snow, and even at this late date there are possibilities of hard freezes and even, yes, more white stuff. I wouldn’t put anything past Mother Nature this year. Onto the recap…

Tadeo Fernandez slipped into his briefs for the week’s first Hunk of the Day.

In the midst of a winter storm, the day’s eye.

The thrilling and hunky star of the new ‘American Psycho’ musical, Benjamin Walker.

Broadway was on the mind, as exemplified by Audra McDonald’s brilliant turn last year.

A very cute Broadway butt was on display thanks to Andrew Glaszek.

Why are David and Jason Benham so obsessed with gay sex? (This in no way implies that the Benham Brothers are gay.)

Remember Nick the Gardener, better known as Billy Reilich? He got naked.

Speaking of gardening, this little flower bloomed before the snow returned.

Way too young for my taste, but perfect for any teeny-bopper readers, this is Hunk of the Day Cody Saintgnue.

The battle of The Delusional Grandeur Tour raged on, as our Warrior raised the sword and the stakes.

The Madonna Timeline stepped back into the ‘Spotlight.’

Shirtcocking. It’s happening.

Hot as ice, this is Guillaume Cizeron.

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