Hunk of the Day: Benjamin Walker

benjamin walker 10001

The iconic 80′s creature Patrick Bateman, lead character and title product of ‘American Psycho’ has come to frightening life on Broadway. How exactly they are going to spin such a novel into a musical dream is unfathomable to me, but early word is of a riveting performance by Benjamin Walker, who fills out Mr. Bateman’s trademark white briefs more than admirably. In the excerpt of ‘Selling Out’ below, Mr. Walker is in fine form on all fronts – vocally, physically, and sexually. This may be the hottest show of the season, if for Walker’s abs alone, and that’s enough to make him the Hunk of the Day.

He also co-starred in last year’s ‘In the Heart of the Sea’ – a whale of a tale that details an encounter with one of those giants in the 1800′s, as well as a romantic lead in the Nicholas Sparks book-brought-to-move-life ‘The Choice.’ I still think most people here would prefer him onstage and half-naked. To that end, see below.


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