High July Recap

A perfect July weekend comes to a close, and I’m still hanging onto memories of all that I did (lounging by the pool, reading, watering the gardens) and mostly what I didn’t have to do (anything else.) It was [sigh] practically perfect. And like all things that good, it had to come to an end. But other weekends are bound to follow, and exciting things are already on the way, so let’s take one quick look back before we go forward into fabulousness.

Justin Bieber showed his naked ass in the manner to which I’m usually accustomed, and it was better than most people envisioned.

Ben Cohen looks just as sexy fully-clothed as he does in his underwear, so this post may leave you feeling torn.

A threesome-themed post with Mr. Cohen and David Beckham. Who wants to be the third?

It was a week spent mostly by the pool, and that was a very good thing.

Cuteness on high.

Barrett Pall entered the elite two-time Hunk of the Day club, and quite deservedly so based on these photos, while Mariano Ontanon made his Hunk debut.

I want to smell like this by the end of July.

Is this guy the sexiest math teacher in the world?

Madonna has left me with many a summer memory. Here are more than a couple.

The variety of Hunks of the Day proved extreme, as we vacillated between a sexy straight guy casually fronting for marriage equality in the fine form of Joe Santagato and an openly-gay dancer from across the pond, Robin Windsor, between a straight go-go-dancer in Hollywood, Jeff Tetreault, and the openly-gay internet phenomenon Tyler Oakley. Oh, and UFC champion Conor McGregor.

The most important development of the week, however, came in the form of the first glimpse of the Final Tour. It’s what I’ve been working on for the past few months, and the reason why things here have been light and hectic and somewhat less than what I hope you expect. That’s all about to change. The reveals are about to arrive…

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