Heat & Humidity & One Big Hole

15 summer pool hole1

Summer can be sticky, but we haven’t had enough of it yet to start complaining. Still, the humidity of the last few days has begun to feel oppressive. The sky wants to let loose with a storm, but the air is holding onto every drop of moisture as though afraid to release it now. Perhaps air knows something sky doesn’t, that to let go of itself at this point would prove far too perilous than trying to hang onto what little it has. Sooner or later we all get a little desperate.

This past Sunday I finally had the chance to simply float in the pool. Up until now, I haven’t had the opportunity or luxury to do so, in spite of all appearances otherwise. Those whose lives appear the most effortless are often paddling double-time beneath the surface. Just don’t call me Howard the Duck until I get lift off.

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