Madcap Madonna Memories

Many summer memories were signified by Madonna, such as this one, which marked the very first Madonna Timeline entry: ‘Who’s That Girl.’ On this hazy, lazy, sultry Friday in July, here are a few more memories inspired by Madonna, my ultimate muse.

Another early-entry on the timeline was this glimpse of the future, love.

Despite its October peak, ‘Cherish’ was a quintessential Madonna summer song for me, thanks to its beachy video and lighthearted feel.

Summer sometimes burns jealously, red-hot and heartrending, but she’s still not me.

Sing it, Shanti, sing it for the summer.

Waging a war between good and evil can be a bore.

You can just spank me.

Well the years they flew, and we never knew, we were foolish then.

Come join the party, cause anybody just won’t do.

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