Getting into the Holiday Recap Spirit

It’s still fall, remember that. We have not quite moved into the winter season yet. Hold on for a few more weeks. The holiday season, however, has already begun, and I suggest we just give in to it and ride this crazy train into the New Year. With Mercury heading into retrograde in a  couple of weeks, this is all we have left. Godspeed, and on with the Monday morning recap…

I tried to kick things off a peaceful note, with some words of encouragement from Maya Angelou.

One of the most popular Hunk of the Day posts of all-time was this one for Milo Ventimiglia. We are already working on his second…

There was a Twitter challenge, but a miracle of miracles occurred when two people let down their guard and remembered their humanity and humility.

The end of November is always a bear.

No comment on the beginning of December.

Ben Cohen is back and better than ever.

Give it to me! YEAH!

Forget winter, it’s the Holiday Card that is coming.

The nudity-inducing blanket.

This year’s Holiday Stroll is already in the books: Part One, Part Two and Part Three.

A Holiday Stroll coda.

A simple holiday scene.

Hunks of the Day included Oliver ThorntonManny Gutierrez, Mariano Ontañon, Matt Wilkas, and Brandon from the Kilted Bros.

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