Hunk of the Day: Manny MUA

manny mua 101

What makes a Hunk a Hunk? The majority of hunks here are built and brawny, but there’s room for everyone, and I’m always in awe of those who defy the expected. There’s also an element of traditionally-feminine traits and a prettiness that attends many of our hunks, something that goes unheralded and unannounced when such mainstream and long-held ideas of masculinity are continually re-enforced. I’ve played into that in my own way, I’m sure, so when a Hunk of the Day comes along like Manny MUA (real name Manny Gutierrez) it’s a welcome reminder to broaden our conception of what makes a Hunk a Hunk. In Mr. Gutierrez’s case, it’s the beauty of a man who is confident and secure enough to be himself. That involves the skill and talent of being a make-up artist, and being a man brave enough to wear make-up himself.

He paints with powders and creams, brushing on beauty and blending everything in to achieve the flawless. He shades with skill, seducing with sparkle and glitter or the most basic of sheens, and the end result is a work of art. Using his own face as a canvass, he shows off his prowess of transformation, inspiring and delighting anyone looking for a little bit of fabulousness in their lives. As our Hunk of the Day, Manny is an inspiration, and a boundary-pushing brave-heart redefining our conceptions of what real beauty is. (Check out his YouTube channel for further fabulousness.)

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