Dull-De-Dull-Dull Recap

Ho-hum, tweedle-dee-dum, it’s another damn Monday, and another damn weekly recap, mostly because who wants to face the start of another work week when we can look back for a moment and I’ve in the glorious past? I don’t give a hoot, you’re getting a recap regardless. See, when I’m tired and uninspired, I get silly and stupid. Deal with it, or move on. On with the doings of the past week!

Tyson Beckford got naked in motion, because there’s nothing better than a nude male GIF.

I got naked on Instagram because I like a big… following.

I also had a big stiff one that lasted way longer than necessary.

Poof! Be gone.

Music for mobsters.

A visitor in the night.

Back on the road, and naked again.

You broke the boy in me, but you won’t break the man.

Flower Bomb Balm: Part Three, Part Four, and Part Five.

Fill in the missing Hunk.

Acts of love and defiance.

The Hunks of the Day took a trip around the globe, including such luminaries as Adam Rippon, Paolo AmoresGabriel LoureiroAnatoly Goncharov, Dylan Sprayberry, & Ryan Stack.

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