Blue Skies in Boston

Typically I post a recap in this time slot, something whereby those who had better things to do than check this site every day might have another chance to witness what has already passed. Given this gigantic winter recap from yesterday, it’s definitely too soon to do another. I will, however point out a couple of posts that weren’t quite done when that big recap was written.

The first is this epic Madonna Timeline: ‘Like A Prayer.’ I tried to take you there.

And the second is this review of the amazing production of ‘Gypsy, A Musical Fable’ currently showing off at the Capital Repertory Theatre.

Both are wordy and verbose enough to quell the man-candy complaints (not that there have ever been complaints against the men – just my exploitation of them.)

Seeing as how I spent the weekend in Boston, and a pretty quiet and peaceful one at that, I’m taking it easy this week, blog-wise. As the seasons turn, my attention will turn elsewhere as well, and that path leads outside, and away from the laptop. The winter has bound us long enough.

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