All I Have to Give

In the midst of a wild week, I received a very touching message from a FaceBook friend in Baltimore yesterday afternoon:

“Thanks for your blog and facebook page last night. I’ve been so busy lately, I haven’t been keeping up with you (sorry to admit). After 3 hours of watching unbelievable riots, fire, and human injury just outside my door on TV, I turned to you for some lusty pictures, some laughs, and even a little drama. It was a rough night here in Baltimore (and I fear it’s far from over), but thanks for lightening things up for a while. You are appreciated.”

There, suddenly and unexpectedly, was a little bit of grace, from the silly and sometimes-sordid entries conjured on this blog. It moved me in a way that people who have known me for ten years don’t always manage to do. Maybe it was more touching coming from a stranger. Maybe it was the surprise of it. Maybe it was just a human being reaching out to another human while feeling trapped in the middle of an upsetting moment.

Whatever the case, I am grateful. It reminded me to be a little kinder in my everyday life. I need those reminders from time to time, and I will do my best. This blog isn’t going to change anyone’s life, much less the world, but in its own way may it provide amusement, escape, and enjoyment in a world that’s crumbling around us.

Thank you, David, for reminding me that everyone has a voice, and a story, and a way to touch the world.

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