A Stormy Recap

As real-world concerns encroach on the otherwise-happily-delusional borders of this website, posts this week will be on the light side. Since it’s almost summer, this is most fitting, as this is the season for something lighter. On with the recap of the previous week, which featured a few of my favorite posts of late.

It started with the 40th birthday of my best friend Suzie. Four decades. Wow. And it still feels like we’re four years old.

Though I had to miss out on this year’s Pride festivities for a number of reasons, they were represented quite hotly by the sexy likes of Jimmy Fanz and Jacob Ford.

Since I’ve returned to a downtown Albany work location, I’ve had to deal with insanity like this. Unacceptable.

I adore this lady, and she’s always been beautiful to me.

A quick trip to Boston to see the Red Sox with super-fan Skip Montross was just as fun as anticipated.

(Even if it ended with a minor run-in with the police. All’s well that ends well!)

And all’s hot that ends hot, especially if you’re Hunk of the Day Harry Louis.

One of the more popular Hunks of late was Luke Casey, who’s already gunning for a second crowning.

Finally, forget-me-not.

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