A Recap & A New Month

The kitchen renovation has been delayed a week (more on that later – much more), so we’re in a holding pattern. Yet things here must go on, so I’m populating the posts for the week ahead and doing what I always do in the name of survival. There are people that count on the daily dosage of soft gay porn that this site supposedly provides, so let’s get to it. There will be deeper things too, stories you wouldn’t even believe so I may just document them under fiction and avoid sticky questions. For now, the typical Monday look back.

It’s always best to begin with a poem.

If anyone knows anything about male grooming, it’s Tom Ford.

And if anyone doesn’t need much grooming, it’s a toss-up among the Hunks of the Day: Alexander Ludwig, Ashley Gibson, and Nathan Owens.

A tentative plan ended up playing out perfectly, but I’ll detail that in a later post.

Thanksgiving came and went…

And December reared its questionable head.

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