This Guy Can Groom Me Anytime

Tom Ford.


Is there anything this man sells that I don’t want to buy? I’d put a down payment of my life’s savings on a burning building if he asked. Luckily, no such product exists at the moment, so I can safely make-do with his new line of men’s grooming products. As high-maintenance as some might think me to be, the truth is I’m rather easy in the shower. Shampoo, soap, and a little Neutrogena for my face and I’m good to go. No elaborate moisturizer routine, no special facial mask, no delicate eye serum – the only indulgence (and, granted, it’s a big one) is fragrance. But now Mr. Ford is releasing his line of skin care products for men and suddenly it’s all I can think about.

The commercial speaks for itself – and it speaks volumes.

Truth be told, unless Santa works his magic and works it quickly, I’m probably not going to get anything featured here, particularly if the price points are aligned with those of his fragrances. But I’ll definitely be browsing. Perusing. Contemplating. And imagining a better world than Dove soap.

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