The Untamed Heart

“The hardest thing to govern is the heart.” – Queen Elizabeth

There was only one thing that really made me want to break my blog silence of the summer, and that was this animated short of blossoming love. Oh how I wish I’d seen this when I was a kid. It gives perfect representation to all the heartaches and heartbreaks I’d put myself through, but it gives a glimpse of hope and a slightly happy ending that was mostly missing from my younger years.

Most of us, if we’ve been lucky and brave, have experienced the kind of fear, exultation, joy, and terror involved in falling for someone. That they may or may not feel the same is one of life’s great thrills. No matter which way it’s gone in my past, I’ve never regretted any of it. I would give my heart willingly all over again because there is something noble about loving another person. It is one of the gifts of being human, of being in this world, of being part of something.

We are always better for having loved.

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