The Best Weed Money Can Buy

This blog has glorified the Butterfly weed a number of times already, but it merits repetition, as this is one of the finest garden plants I know. Foliage remains handsome throughout the entire season, and the fiery orange blooms last for several weeks, peaking in July, but occasionally lingering beyond. This was not the year for taking such sweet time, so the photos here are from a while ago. Still, the beauty is timeless.

A relative of the common milkweed, this more refined version is perfectly-suited to the perennial border. It keeps within bounds (though it will disperse its fluffy seeds if allowed to get that far) and has a tap root that makes moving it a challenge. I tend to allow it to go to seed and spread a bit. If caught early enough, such seedlings should survive a transplant before that root gets too long.

This is also a favorite of butterflies and bees, which find its unique flower form a perfect landing trip.

Any friend of the butterflies is a friend of mine.

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