Remembering the Peonies

This season has taken so long to warm up, that the peonies here have barely broken ground. That may work to our advantage – they usually open on the days that we’re in Ogunquit for Memorial Day, so couple with an early holiday, and a late winter, we may be home for their amazing show. For now, however, a few links to the past must provide enough peony power for this special day.

Peony Parade 1

Peony Parade 2

Peony Parade 3

Peony Parade 4

The peony has always been one of my favorite flowers, from its association with childhood memories, to the memories it conjures of my wedding day. It is imbued with happy correlations, and the fragrance is one of those triggers that always warms the heart. Summerfamilyhappinesslove.

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