On Golden Wings

For the first time in my life, I’m on a waiting list for a pair of shoes.

Not just any shoes: a pair of sneakers.

Yes, sneakers.

But if I can deal with L.L. Bean rubber on my feet, I can get on board with these Adidas. Especially if they’ve got wings. Gold wings. Designed by Jeremy Scott. It doesn’t get more exciting than that, and if anyone’s going to get me into sneakers on a regular basis, it’s Mr. Scott and his brilliance. My hat goes off to any guy who loved wings as much as I do.

I’ve had some shoe obsessions in the past, but they were in the fantasyland of Tom Ford. Nice to fantasize about, but at four grand most decidedly unattainable in the real world. At a price point below $300, these sneakers are something I can justify. I can already see golden dreams in my future.

“Fashion visionary Jeremy Scott’s latest iteration of his beloved winged shoes, these Wings 3 sneakers feature a lustrous gold metallic upper and futuristic spiky wings that sweep energetically across the upper. They’re finished with Jeremy Scott’s signature on the heel.”

I will channel Icarus, I will channel Mercury, I will channel Apollo ~ and I will fly like the sun-kissed phoenix.

(As soon as my number comes up.)


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