A Recap and a Belated Birthday Wish

It’s my annual belated birthday wish to my father, who has the distinction of being born on a day now marked with infamy – 9/11. As such, he gets his birthday shout-out a day late, but with no less fanfare. He’s never been the biggest self-trumpeter, but without our birthdays we wouldn’t be here, so we celebrate such things with his indulgence. Happy Birthday Dad!

As for the previous week, it was mostly about Washington, DC. From brunch with a baby to dinners with an old friend, it was a typically monumental visit. Everybody needs some time all alone. Farewell for now, sweet whimsical Washington.

Summer started to go to seed.

This I promise you.

Don’t you wanna dance?

How sweet it is.

Eat her out.

The Hunks of the Day were all from across-the-pond: Jack Whitehall, Danny Mac, & Ashley Cain.

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