A Baby Brother’s Birthday

Here’s wishing my brother Paul a very Happy Birthday. (He doesn’t read this site so I’ll do it in person another day and not make a huge deal about it here.) In so many ways, we are complete opposites, but after almost four decades of learning to accept each other, we’ve made a sort of peace with that and become friends. Of late, that was largely helped by his children (my niece and nephew) who have inadvertently worked to heal some old wounds in the entire family. I don’t talk much about such things – I hint and shade and offer analogies, but I’m not ready to call anyone out just yet. Besides, life is much better when one learns to ask for forgiveness, and learns to forgive.

My brother and I share what is probably a typical relationship between siblings. We have had our share of fun interactions, some moving movie nights, and a few less-than-fun knock-down-drag-out fights, but for the most part we love each other like only brothers can. There is no one else on earth who has shared the almost-exact-same upbringing. A year and a half apart  in age doesn’t leave much time for difference either, so we know each other very well.

Happy Birthday Powie!!

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