Sea Roses and Beach Appetites

The sea roses were in full bloom, and around every corner the heavy fragrance of Rosa rugosa balanced the salty sea air. One of the first things I did upon getting my bearings was to find the walkway to the ocean, and its accompanying cache of roses, and inhale deeply. It reset the system. It started the vacation. And it brought me back to the shore.

Our accommodations were standard seaside fare, with a couple of pools on the property. As mentioned, they let us into our rooms a little before check-in (impatient kids have a way of working wonders with hotel staff) but beyond that, the staff was exceptionally friendly and efficient. If I can find the time, I’ll write up a TripAdvisor review. Otherwise, these pool pics are all I’ve got.

As nice as the pools were, it was the beach that was the destination, and Noah and Emi wasted no time in getting out to the sand.

Sometimes there is no greater balm upon the soul than that which comes from watching your niece and nephew play on a sunny beach… but a sunset in Cape Cod can come pretty close.

As can dinner with your husband, a dear friend, and the family.

By the time the day came to a close, we had eased into the relaxation that only a vacation can afford. That, and a seafood dinner, made for a good night of sleep.

The sun settled over the water, and I settled into a pillow.

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