Dusky New York

Winking in the cloudy distance, the Empire State Building sends its sparkling spire into the heavens, where it illuminates the misty air like a halo around its head. An empty office building across the way glows warmly against the cool shades of the fallen night. I hope that it’s empty, at least for the sake of any denizens otherwise exposed to my post-shower full-frontal display. I never like showing off to the uninvited, and such a stance is more often than not returned.

On this evening, with the quiet glow of a television set behind me, I am mostly in silhouette, and if anyone cares to trouble themselves with peeping from below, well, let them have at it. This is no place for the embarrassed or shy. A conundrum and contradiction perhaps, and if you’ve been coming here for a while you know the routine.

A New York night carries many mysteries, and even more possibilities.

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