A Birthday on Park Avenue

70 park ave 101

The very first Kimpton Hotel I stayed in was the Hotel Triton in San Francisco, CA about a decade ago. It was funky, fabulous, and filled with friendly staff and whimsical fervor. I was instantly impressed. Since that time, the Kimpton brand has taken over the country in the best possible way, creating boutique hotels in a number of cities, and offering unique experiences centered around good, old-fashioned customer service. It is the latter point, and its accompanying attention to personal detail and care, that sets this brand apart from the rest of the hotel chains.

For my birthday weekend in New York, though properties like the Waldorf Towers and the Standard originally called to me, I thought back to that first Kimpton stay, and the subsequent stays I’ve enjoyed at several locations (including this spectacular time at the Hotel Rouge in Washington, DC) so I switched gears and looked into the Kimpton selection. Ultimately, while I was intrigued by The Muse, I found a happy reservation at 70 Park Avenue, and that’s where I’ll be spending my birthday weekend. Coupled with a performance of ‘Bullets Over Broadway’ – its last, sadly – I’m looking forward to a fun way of continuing on the frightening path into my upper 30′s. The way-upper-30′s… as in one more before 40.

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