A Little Sexy, A Little Ugh… Well, Ugg

This post is in no way meant to imply or inspire an acceptance of Uggs, which I find to be one of the more egregious fashion blights to take over the nation. It will never reach the proportion or offensive stature of, say, Crocs – but it’s bad enough. That said, here’s some free advertising because we are about to dive end-zone-first into football season.

Here we have Tom Brady and Julian Edelman in a tongue-in-cheek take on what is likely a rather accurate rendering of their relationship. I just want to know two things: who designed that gorgeous room? And may I join in the fun? I’ll be quiet, I promise. (Wonder if Mr. Brady gets as naked as this if the fire gets too hot…) PS – One more question: where is THE GRONK?

Check out the fun below:


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