Who’s Hotter: A Shirtless Bradley Cooper or A Shirtless George Clooney?

I pose the question with this in mind: I personally find neither Bradley Cooper nor George Clooney hot. ‘Hot’ is highly subjective, deeply personal, and largely a matter of taste. It’s different for everyone. I can see attractive qualities in both, and they are definitely handsome men – they just don’t scream ‘hot’ to me. Especially George Clooney.

For years he was the standard of what a sexy male should be – and I never got it. That stupid Caesar cut, that smug smirk, and that ‘I’m-so-hot-I-don’t-have-to-try’ air just never appealed to me. Yet everyone else wanted to eat him up. His humor, though – that is certainly appealing. I just don’t think humor alone is enough to achieve the adulation he enjoyed a few years ago. (Would that it were so…)

I get the same vibe from Bradley Cooper. While I can appreciate his cuteness and admire the sparkle of his eyes (is it a slightly gay sparkle to anyone else?) I still don’t get the big appeal. But that’s the great thing about attraction – everyone wants their own thing. And thank God – because otherwise most of us would be alone.

(For the cynical, this is totally just an excuse to post some sexy photos of Bradley Cooper and George Clooney, because most of my readers enjoy a shirtless male celebrity.)

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